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Refund and Returns Policy


We know sometimes what you buy may not suit you. It’s a fair point and we would take the responsibility for it. Just return and exchange in 14 days.

Our research team keeps creating new designs and advancements both in lenses and frames. We ensure that we only provide you with the latest in eyewear and you never would be left behind. 

Exceptional Service

Be it online or offline our team is here to always assist you and ensure that your purchase experience is always a memorable one and we will ensure to go that extra mile to see you happy. 

We strive to put Customer First in our quality & service offering great discounts on a daily basis.


Shokhin endeavors to offer high-quality, affordable, and trendy eyewear for you.

We go through strict quality inspection before delivering the product to you. 

However, something unexpected may happen, which will lead to a defect in your glasses. Please feel free to contact our customer service center on Facebook Messenger – we will and be certain to deal with it appropriately to give you a pleasant purchasing experience from Shokhin.

Please read below in accordance with the product category you purchased.



Sunglass (without any additional lens/power)

Eyeglass (without any additional lens/power)


You can only return a product at the time of delivery. Once your delivery person arrives, you can check the product. If it does not match your expectation, you can return it. However, once the product is paid for, we only allow a product exchange with another product from our website under the following conditions:

If the product is not as you expected / not as advertised.

If your fashion product is the wrong size

If you simply don’t want the product anymore

In the case you want to exchange the product, you must notify us via a message on Facebook messenger on our Facebook page ( within 24 hours of receiving the product. You can choose the same product for an exchange or a new product on our website.


To exchange a product, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact Us

Inbox us on Facebook messenger within 24 hours of delivery

 Give your name and phone number

 Explain your complaint with a valid reason

Step 2: Pack your product

Pack your product as same you received it.

Step 3: We’ll send you the product you want to exchange or the same product in the “Exchange” Condition. When the deliveryman goes you’ll take the new product and if applicable pay the additional fee and give back the old product.

Please, read carefully that we cannot accept product exchanges under the following conditions:

Damages due to misuse of the product

Any consumable item which has been used

Incidental damage to the product while wearing

Note: All returning products must be returned unused, in original packaging, including the box, manufacturer’s packaging (if any), with all seals and tags intact, and all other items originally included with the product(s) delivered.


Sunglass with Powered Lens

Eyeglass with Powered Lens

Anti-Blue Light Blocking Lens (with or without additional power)

Photosun Lens Added to Eyeglass

All Other Additional Lens Options Selected to Sunglass / Eyeglass

If you have ordered any of the above items from Shokhin, please follow the specific issue you faced in accordance below.

The product arrived defective / damaged upon arrival – please inspect the product on time of delivery from our delivery partner, if it is broken or has any defects, you can reject the item and send it back with the delivery man. We will take full responsibility for defective items caused by damaged during delivery. We will issue a full refund for this issue. 

The wrong item arrived – if you received the wrong item which are not what you ordered, please contact us with a photo of the package and the wrong items. We will resend you the correct items immediately. Once you receive the correct item, please send the wrong item back to the delivery man.
Size issue – Selecting the right frame size is quite necessary for online glasses purchases. We suggest you measure your old fit glasses to get your size before purchase. We cannot offer exchange or refund for size issues for Additional Lens Orders as we have already put the powered lens based on your customization. If you cannot accept your glasses for the size issue, please contact us and we’d be happy to offer you a special discount code to try another style.
The wrong prescription filled – if you have unfortunately filled out a wrong prescription by accident, please contact us with your original prescription copy. We can offer you a special discount code to buy a new pair with your correct prescription.
Uncomfortable prescription glasses – If you encounter an unclear vision or uncomfortable vision wearing your new prescription glasses, please email us with your original prescription copy. We will help you check the consistency between your paper copy and the given prescription on our site. If the prescription you filled out is correct, we will give you further advice according to the particular case.
For additional lens orders, as we need to customize the lens based on your personalized prescription and requirement, we cannot offer an exchange or refund in these circumstances. However, we will do our best to resolve any issues you may face.


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